[21/oct] Seminario de investigación en turismo


El jueves 21 de octubre a las 10:15 horas tendrá lugar en modalidad virtual un Seminario de investigación en turismo.  Para poder acceder al evento es necesario inscribirse en este enlace

Ponente: Valeria Posadas
Institución: Universidad de la República, Uruguay
Nombre del trabajo: Hotels, second homes and destination planning policies: a sequential game model


This work presents a theoretical model that analyses the decision problem between the construction of second homes and hotels. Over the last decades, the number of second homes has increased and academic interest in this topic too, which mainly has its origins in the Nordic countries and Canada. The number of publications has increased since, with geographic expansion with countries such as China, Iran, Latin America, Malaysia, South Africa. Our model results suggest a single equilibrium price for the rent of the hotel room and the second home (which are assumed equal as a simplification of the model) and equal to the individual tourist's valuation of spending time in the tourist destination, both in high and low season. The contribution of this paper to the study of second home tourism is to introduce a theoretical framework that allows us to analyze this phenomenon. The literature on economic theory is scarce in Tourism Economics in general, and in particular the analysis of second home tourism.

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